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Buying Propane Gas For Your Grill Or Heater

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Propane gas has many uses, but it's primarily a fuel source for things like your gas cooking grill, or to heat your home. In applications like a grill, an outdoor kitchen, or a portable heater, the most common way to buy propane is in twenty to thirty-pound cylinders. 

Buying a Cylinder

It's common for people to buy a propane cylinder and then have a propane company fill it for them when they need gas. The cylinders do have a life span, and there is a date on the cylinder that is the required date of retesting to ensure the tank will still safely hold pressure. Once the tank reaches that date, the propane company will not refill it, and you will need to have it tested or replace the tank.

Hydrotesting the cylinder is expensive, and most people would rather replace the tank than spend the time and expense to test the cylinders. It can also be challenging to find a place to have the cylinder locally unless you are in the propane business.

Renting a Cylinder

The latest trend in buying propane is probably the most user-friendly option. Several companies are offering cylinder exchange programs that allow you to pay for the first cylinder. When the cylinder is empty, you take it to a dealer location and exchange it for a new cylinder. When you make the exchange, you pay for the propane in the cylinder, not the cylinder itself. 

Since you purchased the first cylinder, if you take an exchange cylinder and never bring it back, the propane company does not lose because you are keeping what you already paid for. This system has been very popular in many areas, and it easy because you do not have to wait while the propane company checks and fills the cylinder.

Propane Companies 

If you own a cylinder, you can take it to a propane company that offers propane sales in bulk, and they can fill it for you. They will inspect the cylinder, neck, and valve then fill the cylinder with the proper amount of propane before returning the cylinder to you. 

Propane sales companies may also offer home delivery and fill-ups on large storage tanks for the home or your business if you need it. Call a local propane gas sales company like John Graves Propane of Arizona, INC.  to find out what they offer before you decide whether buying, leasing, or renting storage cylinders and tanks are right for your needs.